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We are so excited to be children's ministry leaders and to have the opportunity to work with your kiddos! As children growing up at TCF, we were both impacted by the people who taught us in children’s church and helped us further our walk with the Lord.


Our goal as leaders is to do exactly that in your kid’s lives.

We are starting by finding good curriculums to make learning about God as memorable and as fun as possible. We would also love to implement one Sunday of youth led worship to help cultivate a heart of worship.


Currently, we have combined some classes due to size but as people are coming back after Covid and we are having new visitors, we know that we are going to have to change that. And it’s a very good thing! But we need more volunteers (especially adults!) to sign up in our rotation schedule. 


We hope to be as impactful for your kiddos as our pastors were to us. We love each and every one of your precious kids and pray for them often! 

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